The world can sometimes seem a terrible place, the gap between rich and poor keeps getting bigger, climate change threatens to end life as we know it and more people are taking their lives between the ages of 25 and 45 that are being killed by accident or illness.


With so much power in the hands of a few people and institutions, it's natural to sometimes feel powerless, and so we want to empower you.


We founded You're So Kind with one goal in mind: kindness, to yourself and to others.


Our products are ethically made, and we source the best ingredients so that you can also be kind to yourself.


By changing your buying habits, you can ensure that profit is going to the right place, to those most in need.


So make a small change, You're So Kind.


The 100% donation Model

At You're So Kind, we are fascinated by how businesses and charities work together to help the people who most need it.

We know that with a little more support, causes like Macmillan, the World Wildlife Fund, Crisis, the British Red Cross and Mind could do so much more to help and support vulnerable people.

That's why we donate 100% of our profit every year in unrestricted funds equally across the biggest issues which face our generation.

For more information on our charitable giving please visit our Impact page.

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No act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted

- Aesop

At You're So Kind we believe that even small actions can change the world,  if sometimes you feel like it's all too much, at least with this small action you know that you have done some good.

Sustainability Statement

At You’re so kind, sustainability is our core. A sustainable society and a sustainable procurement chain. It’s part of our business because we are nature, and nature cannot be put aside. Since the creation and design of this social enterprise, we change our main preferences in order to protect the environment as much as possible.


At the same time, we are a start-up, we can not make all of our sustainability dreams come true at once.


We make a commitment with our you, our customers that at every new step we will upgrade the packaging, materials and transport to make the best environmental decision.


At the moment You’re So Kind proudly commercialize natural hand soap produced in a factory that uses solar power. We also use brown bottles because they are fully recyclable. 

If you have any suggestions on how we might be able to upgrade our processes to make the business more sustainable at a manageable cost, you can speak to Asher Simpson, our founder directly about it. We are always keen to hear of new and innovative solutions to the plastic problem.


His email address is a.simpson@youresokind.org