Do you ship internationally?

We currently do not ship internationally, just in the UK at the moment. However we plan to offer this service, just stay tuned and sign up our newsletter.

What are we funding?

You are funding a better world where there is more care and more attention to what really matters in life; relationships, health and the environment. You're so kind will start to by donating their profits to British Red Cross, Macmillan, Mind UK, Crisis and the World Wildlife Fund.

How am sure the ingredients in the hand soap will not irritate my skin?

Our hand soaps are made from natural ingredients which are kind to your skin. We don't use harsh chemical colours or scents. We also choose to work with a formulation that does not contain parabens, PEGs, and silicon exactly to be gentler on the skin and the environment.

What are the current actions that the company is taking for sustainability?

We plan to make our product as sustainable as possible. As well as support charities that are doing a great job in this area. At the moment, all our packaging is fully recyclable or biodegradable, our factory uses solar energy to produce our organic soap which itself is kind to the environment.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do sell wholesale. Please, get in touch with our team at to know more about it.

What do mean by the 100% profit donation?

After we pay our suppliers, employees and overheads everything else is donated to the charities listed above. That means you can be reassured that you have made a kinder decision by buying our hand wash.